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Message From The Secretary General

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The world is going through a tumultuous phase. Reminiscent of the early 20th century, international conflicts only seem to be spreading, each inextricably linked with the other. Political leaders across the world are dictators and tyrants all but in name, and humanitarian crises are taking lives indiscriminately across the globe. Ideological clashes, both economic and religious are cutting across countries and continents, leaving behind the ruins of devastated families and barren lands. In an environment where conflict and capitalising on the conflicts seem to be the only truths, diplomacy proves to be an effective mitigator in this global turmoil.

MUNs replicate the idea and essence that make the United Nations an international stage for statesmanship and make it accessible to the future representatives of our states. It is my belief that to bring about a change in the global climate of antipathy and confrontation, we must focus not at the problem itself but at those that breed it: people. It is imperative that we bring a change in how the younger generations tackle issues, and to ensure that it is carried out in a responsible and educated manner.

At SBSMUN, we strive to bring about at least a fraction of this change in the minds of the delegates that walk through our doors. Through our conference, we will attempt to inculcate a sense of empathy for the victims of the issues we discuss and help shape the ability to collaborate and cooperate with individuals holding diametrically opposite opinions. It is my hope, that all of you will be able to gain something from this conference.

Our Secretariat consists of individuals whose goal is to create an environment where you can debate and deliberate freely, and embrace the philosophy of international dialogue. We warmly welcome all the delegates, taking part in the AIPPM, UNSC, WEF and SPECPOL to the ICJ and Crisis Committee and encourage you to make the most of the stimulating agendas placed before you.

Lastly and most importantly, we hope that you enjoy your experience at SBSMUN2019!

Shagnik Deb Roy

‘A posse ad esse’ - From Possibility to Actuality

I believe the motto of the SBSMUN2019 captures the essence of what our conference this year aims to achieve. The global and essential platform of the United Nations is made available to us through Model United Nations. With this comes the opportunity, as well as the responsibility to shape and change the world. By making the global and essential platform of the United Nations accessible to the leaders of tomorrow, comes the opportunity to shape and change the world.

We offer every single participant immense and endless possibilities. Through well argued debate, constructive discourse, and fresh insights, they have the potential to transform into the future. To discuss those issues that fall far outside the scope of our daily lives, to be able to further our understanding of them, and most importantly to make attempts at resolving them is a privilege like no other.

Irregardless of your committee and portfolio, I hope that you will choose, not only to analyse the aspects of the global community that fall under your agenda, but to gain an understanding of the larger picture, to gain perspective on the tenuous threads holding our world together, and to translate this awareness into taking conscious decisions towards bettering this connection.

Delegates, and members of the International Press, the success of SBSMUN2019 lies completely in your hands.

The very best of luck to you, and we look forward to seeing you in July!

Aadya Narain
Deputy Secretary-General



All India Political Parties Meet

Crisis Committee

Crisis Committee


International Court of Justice


Special Political and Decolonisation Committee


United Nations Security Council


World Economic Forum

Fourth Estate

“The less you know, the more you believe.” ― Bono

Media and journalism have both the capacity and capability to teach, manipulate, sensitise and mobilise the citizenry through information dissemination. A member of the Fourth Estate is characterised by their spirit of inquiry, a dedication to transparency and passion for the written word.

With the decline of media integrity in the modern world, it falls upon the journalists, cartoonists and photographers to uphold the traditional ideals of ethical journalism.

The story is out there, find it and make it your own.

Meyha Bishnoi
Editor In-Chief


These are the students that have worked tirelessly to make sure each facet of the SBSMUN2019 runs as smoothly as a well oiled machine. From grades 11 and 12, they specialise in different skills that allow each piece of the puzzle to fit together perfectly. From writing articles and designing web pages, to ensuring each committee runs flawlessly, the Secretariat consists of a diverse range of students who allow this MUN to be a unique experience for each participant.

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