All India Political Parties Meet


The AIPPM is a symposium that allows the diverse political groups of India to reach a consensus on decisions of national importance. The committee aims to mimic reality by reproducing the stages of policies and jurisdiction, with delegates representing personalities from the divergent group of Indian political parties.


Situation in Pulwama with Special Emphasis on Article 35A

Conflict-stricken, the State of Jammu and Kashmir takes the brunt of the worst terror attack since 1989. As a Pakistan-based terror organisation, Jaish-e-Mohammed, takes responsibility for the terrible act, India and Pakistan are at odds once more. As the conflict escalates, it brings forth questions of ethics, and hostility between the two countries takes a turn for the worse.

The Executive Board

Sanya Puri


Dear members of the AIPPM,

My name is Sanya Puri and I am honoured to be the moderator of the All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM). I recently gave my class 12th CBSE board exams. I have been involved in Model UN since I was in school. I attended my first conference in grade 8. MUNs have enabled me to hone a wide variety of skills ranging from communication to critical thinking. To facilitate a high-quality debate, it is necessary that you are thoroughly versed with the portfolios of the individuals and the parties that you represent. Remember that you may face severe opposition by other representatives for various arguments and decisions that you make, but it is your ability to be able to stand your ground that counts. While addressing the issue at hand, I expect a certain level of decorum in the committee. Lastly, I encourage you all to utilize as much original thinking as possible. I hope you all enjoy these three days!

Wish you all the very best.

Arnav Aggarwal


Greetings delegates,

I’m honoured to be serving as the Vice Chairperson for the All India Political Parties Meet at SBSMUN2019. When one thinks of the Pulwama issue, one often thinks about rather recent incidents but forgets the years of history and context that has shaped the political situation today. As I welcome you all into the All India Political Parties Meet, I expect you to be thoroughly researched and understand the historical context from the viewpoint of all parties involved in the region.

Above all, I hope that you enjoy the committee and have an engaging time at the SBSMUN2019.

Dhruv Jhamb


The All India Political Parties Meet is an unofficial meet that allows political leaders to discuss issues of importance at length. I expect all delegates to be well researched and ready to debate and lobby for their cause. A special committee such as the AIPPM requires delegates to not only understand but also adopt the personalities of the political leaders they are representing, and keep in mind their views and positions on various matters. That being said, I do hope the committee has a fruitful discussion, and that all present learn something new.