Crisis Committee

Crisis Committee


The 1980s represented a tumultuous time for the Middle East. With the Iranian Revolution and the military coup by Saddam Hussein in Iraq, two rival neighbours were pitted against each other in a devastating set of wars. Join us in the simulation of the Cabinet of Iraq as we try to rewrite history and change the course of world politics in the 1980s.


Iran vs Iraq War (1980-1988)

The Crisis Committee dives into the horrors of modern warfare as it takes on the monumental implications of the conflict between the two neighbouring states of Iran and Iraq. An atmosphere of rivalry and competing ideologies in the volatile Middle East of the 1980s eventually cumulates into a full-scale war bringing forth a multitude of aspects to explore, ranging from heinous war crimes to the very idea of peace in the region.

The Executive Board

Siddhartha Rai Tandon


Hello delegates!

Crisis committees are extremely fast-paced and frankly one of the most enjoyable committees in any MUN. Winning an award in these committees is not the result of just knowing the exact number of guns that are available in an arsenal, but on how to strategically apply facts and analyse consequences of every action in order to achieve larger goals of the committee.

My name is Siddhartha Rai Tandon, I'm starting my 3rd year at Hindu College, studying BA Hons Economics. I've been avidly involved in MUNs at the school level and parliamentary debates at the college level. Both of these activities push one to think and analyse anything beyond their usual day to day connotations- and I hope to push you all to do the same. It's my honour to lead this committee in the capacity of chairperson, and I'm hoping for an enriching three-day long conference; where all of you leave the conference with a greater understanding of not only the agenda but also an evolved approach towards problem-solving.


Divit Jain


Dear delegates,

I am delighted to welcome you to the Cabinet of Iraq at the SBSMUN2019!
The Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988 was one of the most tumultuous and testing times in modern Iraqi history. The 8 years of this futile war resulted in innumerable casualties and hundreds of billions of dollars in losses. The horrors of this gruesome era still haunt the minds of its survivors. This year, at the SBS MUN, we will get a chance to, using retrospective understanding, re-write history and set the path this young nation will take. In this simulation we expect you, the delegates, to come up with new and innovative solutions which could have been employed and possibly won Iraq the war it had started.

Aryaman Dewan


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Crisis Committee at the SBSMUN2019.
I urge every delegate to be well prepared with you research and aware of the key facts regarding the issue at hand. During the debate don’t just reiterate those facts, but also dive deep into the crucial problems and offer concrete solutions to them.
The Executive Board will do its best to ensure that during committee, each delegate gets a chance to cite their opinion based on the portfolio assigned to them. This extra effort will not only showcase your abilities as delegates, but will also make the committee discussions interesting while steering it towards a solution.