United Nations Security Council


The UNSC is one of six principal units of the United Nations. Responsible for ensuring international peace and security, it also plays a role in accepting new members to the United Nations and approving any amendments to its charter. The council consists of 15 member nations, the victors of the Second World War being permanent members, whilst ten others hold temporary positions. The delegates will represent member states, shouldering the responsibility of facing riptides in the sea of peace.


Historic UNSC: Bosnian War

Ethnicities and nationalities intermingle following the dismantling of Yugoslavia as the Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats take up arms against each other. A window into the horrors of modern conflict, the Bosnian War brings with it abhorrent genocide and crimes against humanity as the death toll rockets beyond a 100,000 and millions are displaced from their homes.

The Executive Board

Satvik Aggarwal


Greetings delegates,

I will be serving as your chairperson as you take part in this edition of SBSMUN’s Security Council. I am currently studying at UCB to obtain a degree in Economics and Political Science and thus am very interested in the UN’s involvement during the Bosnian War which I hope allows me to help the committee function better.

As the chair, I plan to not get too involved in the debates themselves and instead try to act as a guiding force to help the delegates approach topics the correct way. I would be expecting the delegates to be, first and foremost, respectful. I know situations can get heated in MUNs, especially in smaller committees but I would encourage delegates to understand that one of the truest signs of a diplomat is to be able to control and express their emotions in a respectful manner.

Regarding the debate, I will do my best to move the committee in a swift manner. This would, of course, require the delegates to know the topic very well and focus on key points rather than beating around the bush and re-iterating arguments. Most of all, I would encourage delegates, both new and experienced, to use their history, their portfolios, and their own knowledge to come up with innovative and interesting solutions.

I hope to see you in the committee and experience a productive and thoughtful debate!

Suryaansh Jain


Welcome, delegates, to the historic UNSC.

Over the course of 3 days, we shall not only relive, but attempt to rewrite one of the most gruesome events in human history - the Bosnian War. A wise man said, “I live life by a set of firm rules, the first of which is to be flexible. Simply put, mere research and a clear strategy will not be sufficient to win. It is only when you combine them with your ability to think quickly and adapt to committee proceedings that you arrive at the formula for success.

I urge you to use the resources at your disposal to come up with creative, yet realistic solutions to the problem at hand.

Arya Goyal


The ethnically-charged Bosnian War of 1992-95 has widely been regarded as one encompassing some of the worst crimes against humanity. As delegates of the United Nations Security Council, you are expected to delve deep into the root causes of this conflict and take smart and well-calculated decisions in order to tackle it. Since this is a historic committee, it is up to you, the delegates, to not just deliberate but make history. Tasked with this enormous responsibility, will the Security Council respond swiftly and adequately, or will it only exacerbate the situation? I look forward to a stimulating and fruitful committee!