World Economic Forum


The WEF is an independent organisation that aims to hold up economic and intellectual integrity of the Stakeholder Theory, asserting that an organisation is accountable to all parts of society. It blends and balances the best of the public and private sectors, international organizations and academic institutions.


Chinese Trade War

A cold war of the modern age fought without weapons or battles as the two trade giants, the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China face off in battles decided by tariffs. As the unrelenting chasm between their trade ideologies grows ever further, the world watches in wait for the undesirable but inevitable impact on the global economy.

The Executive Board

Ishan Tewari



I eagerly await our meeting and hope all of you are well along your research for this committee. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few pointers and additional thoughts.

This agenda is complex, vast, current, and extremely fast-paced — there are reports daily regarding comments from leaders of all stakeholders involved. It is imperative to keep yourself abreast of all updates and how they fit in the grander scheme of things. Needless to say, the bare minimum is to at least have a broad understanding of events as they happened chronologically — as described in the background guide and to have a basic understanding of the rationale behind stances/actions/decisions taken.

Remember you, as delegates are representing individuals and not countries. You must, therefore, understand the nuances of their personality and try to gauge how that person may react broadly under a variety of scenarios and emulate it to the best of your capabilities.

Also, the WEF as a body is focussed on long term impact and change. We must, therefore, focus on ideas and solutions that are sustainable, well thought out, and aims to address the key qualms of all stakeholders involved. I would, therefore, encourage you to start thinking on those lines too.

As before, I look forward to your queries, clarifications, and suggestions and can be reached over email. Prep hard and I assure you of an involving and fun committee that is bound to keep you on your toes with enthralling debate, and maybe as every pageant winner says, we’ll achieve “World Peace”!


Aadi C Krishna


Greetings Delegates!

It is my privilege to be your Vice Chair for the most salient committee for economic stability of the United Nations, the ‘World Economic Forum’ for this edition of SBSMUN. MUN’s have taught me important skills such as finding creative solutions to issues (that even the greatest leaders from across the world can’t decode) among many others, and I hope this experience teaches you the same as we discuss one of the most complex and prominent economic conflicts in the world, the Chinese Trade War. I eagerly await the ideas and arguments you all debate and deliberate ardently, and a marvellous 3 days of fierce but well thought through arguments and solutions.

See all of you in July!

Miraya Agarwal


Established in Switzerland in 1971, the World Economic Forum rose with a single, primary objective: “To improve the state of the world.” As your rapporteur, I expect solution orientated arguments rather than mere allegations. I hope you are as excited as I am to participate in the cogent debate, and to think critically as well as dynamically. As delegates of this committee, you shall be expected to be well prepared for a fast-paced debate on this platform of deliberation. I hope that this stimulation of the World Economic Forum prepares you for your future.